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Some Of The Best European Art

April 30th, 2015

European art is one of the largest and finest art form that is distinguished in the world. With some of the best and well-known art form like sculpture, painting, decorative arts have been practiced in Europe for very long time. Some of the famous collections of art work had been found back from the days of Ancient Greece and Rome in the year 1950.

With numerous European artists, European art form has been recognized in the whole world. Let us checkout some of the best art form in the world:

1. European paintings:

European paintings have been recognized as one of the finest collection in America, which contains some of the extraordinary paintings in a wide range from across Europe. This collection includes Italian paintings from 1400’s to 1700’s. There is an outstanding contribution from the art school of Netherlands, Flemish and Dutch for their high quality masterpiece by Rubens, Rembrandt and others. Some of the best well-known paintings are by Ruisdael’s for the Jewish Cemetery, Bruegel’s painting – The Wedding Dance.Rembrandt and Rubens

2. European Sculpture and Decorative Arts:

The sculptors and Decorative arts contains more than seven thousand objects which has a wide range of collection that includes ceramics, furniture, ivories, glass, jewelry, armor, tapestries and other materials of different shape and sizes. The collection is from the year 400’s to 1800’s, which represents some of the major traditions and movements of the European arts. Focus on European Sculpture from unique and rare models have been trace back from the year 1800’s by some of the popular artists like Rodin, Carpeaux, Rude, Gauguin and others.

3. Modern Art:

Modern art collections has a wide range of unique and impressive works that ranges from painting to decorative arts to sculpture of European art from the twentieth century. Some of the remarkable works has been done by William Valentiner, Max Beckmann, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse. It can be rightly said that European art has given a new meaning to modern art.

4. Ancient Western Antiquities:

The Ancient Western Antiquities contains some of the stunning collection of Roman art, Etruscan, classical collection from Greek. Most of the sculpture is made from amphorae, jewelry and some other decorative arts. A lot of European artists have contributed to make European art famous all around the world.

These are some of the best form of European art famous across the world for this uniqueness and excellence.

Developmental Benefits of Art and Craft

April 27th, 2015

Arts and crafts might express the usual human aesthetics of harmony and balance in a variety of ways but the ultimate motive of such an activity is for the artist or craftsmen himself/herself. While many have made it a profession in the modern age, there are some who still prefer to use it for a variety of benefits that are meant for their own physical and mental satisfaction.

Whether this feeling is limited for a short period or for a longer duration, it doses’t matter as long as it has a positive impact on the artist.

With such a context, take a look at the benefits of art and craft in such a person’s life. Remember such benefits can help develop a mere child as well. So, these advantages have been focused with a general perspective.

Mutual parity:

Art helps children as well as grownups to acquire more use of their body parts. For instance, using both hands to sculpt something will help that person to increase the efficiency of both hands. This will let him/her work more capably with both hands through a mutual coordination.

Increase in visual perception and judging: With increase in artwork, people are able to judge and work more efficiently in other fields. This will help them develop their brain functions for better and quick approach towards daily chores and activities.

Control over oneself:

Depression, stress and other negative aspects of mental life can be demolished with the help of art and craft. Focus and self-control will boost in them which will help to overcome negative feelings more capably. The person will also become more flexible with such an approach.

Boosted self-confidence:

This usually helps kids who are new to art and craft. When they are made to work on creations that they prefer, they get a boost in their self-esteem and confidence for showing more creativity. It greatly helps to ensure a confident life for them ahead.

Becoming more idealistic:

It helps to give one a positive thinking with a better vision of the world around them. New innovations are frequently seen in such people who love art etc.

So, are has its own ways to give a new creation to the life of many. The ones who practice it know what it feels like, and the ones who don’t might never even understand what it’s all about.

Everyone Is Creative Really

December 9th, 2014

Creativity Holds A Strange Place in Our Society

It is both admired and looked down on. Parents normally don’t want their children to grow up to be artists. At the same time when they see art they love they admire the work and the artist.

Why is this? I’m not sure maybe it has something to do with preconceptions that artists are weird flighty people. I don’t even know when that misconception began. When did artist change from the honored people that recorded history, created sacred objects, and preformed a valued service? What is it about creativity that makes us both love and dislike it?

I think it may have something to do with the idea that only some people or certain activities are creative. Guess what, everyone is creative! It is true, I’m not lying. The creativity that brings about beautiful works of art is the same creativity that brings about the solution to a problem. It is what helps us write book and successfully budget our money. It is inside all of us waiting to be called to action. For many of us it is like a bit of coal hiding a diamond inside.

This elitist view of creativity is rippling out negativity into our lives. It keeps us from using our imagination to live our dreams and overcome life’s day to day obstacles. Being connected to our creative centers keeps us open to inspiration and leads to AH HA moments.

It also feeds our passion for our project that keeps us working, even when we don’t want to. Creativity simply is bringing something new into existence. It can be any new thing a new song, new photo, new way of dealing with customer service, or new marketing plan. Creativity is not for the sole purpose of making art.

We all have our own process we work through when being creative. Taking the time to learn what your process is makes it easier to start the process whenever you need to. This helps us avoid getting stuck and frustrated when we are forced to produce a product by a dead line or create something we wouldn’t normally choose to. It may be hard to think of creativity this way, but it is inside you waiting to be mined.

There are many things you can do to reconnect with your creative center. I say reconnect because you were born connected and stayed connected until someone told you that creativity was bad or only for special people.

Start paying attention to what you are doing or how you are doing things when inspiration strikes or solutions and ideas come easily to you. Try to meditate or do some other calm relaxing activity daily or at least regularly. Stop telling yourself that you are not creative. Negative self talk kills creativity and our dreams! Be kind and loving to yourself and do something you really enjoy doing as often as you can.